Family Dollar
June 2, 2015, 10:00 AM
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family money

The question was asked, “when should a parent start educating their child/ren about money”, my reply.  As soon as they know how to talk.  There is so much history when it comes to money and the cost of living.  When I look around and observe children today, they can appear so unappreciative or unaware that there is a cost to life.  Yes, I know Jesus Christ paid it all, but when it comes to character there is much to be developed and development should start at home.

The word of God says, we (parents/adults) should train up a child in the way to go, so that….when does or should the training start.  I love to hear parents say, they talked to their child while in the womb.  I’ve heard some say, “they prayed for their child before they were even conceived”, I think that is so awesome.

There’s artwork on money from the coins to the bills.  There’s so much to be discussed to a parent can get the child’s curiosity going by opening their observation to the different sizes and colors.  To me, money and relationships go hand in hand.  We often hear as adults, allow your money to work for you while you are sleep.  Well, the one you love, you would hope they love you when they walk up and will continue to want to serve you and love you with no limits.

There some connections with how we treat money is how we treat relationships, that’s probably why there are credit reports, they are asked for during the counsel sessions.  By no means, its used to be judged but someone can gauge how a person make decisions and why?  You witness teenagers talking about they can’t wait to drive, etc. but don’t know about insurance, getting the tags and the other responsibilities that comes with purchasing a vehicle.  Parents walk into a store and want everything they see, “time to understand that it cost”.

In my book, I write about “how we can’t cram” parenting.  You can’t plant a seed today, water it at night and expect a rose in the morning.  So, parents/adults start soon to teach your child/ren about money.  There’s so many subject matters to uncover.  We want them to respect currency just like they are to honor their mother and father.  I sure hope I answered someone’s question or curiosity.  Until next time, be informed about that life:  FAMILY!

There are 2 Things, Nawl 3 Things You Don’t Mess With
May 28, 2015, 10:00 AM
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family mom

I’m sure you heard a mother say, there are 2 things you don’t mess with; her child/ren and her money, but then with hesitation for some and proudly with others there’s one more; her man/husband.  To be a woman, I’m so thankful.  I do not have children of my own, but let me say.  My choice would be to have a husband first, but I don’t have him, yet either.  Yet, I can understand the challenge; just based on dealing with my money.  I don’t like MANipulators. They come off as people who really don’t know what they want and can’t be trusted.  I could go on with name calling, but that’s not my purpose for this message.

Because I’ve had the experience of raising my nephew and taking care of other people’s children.  I will say I’m honored to have been trusted with such privilege.  One can learn from these little people, we call children and you would want to protect the gift that’s inside of them, that haven’t fully blossomed.  During their childhood, an adult have an opportunity to plant seeds in there lives to hopefully take root to be remembered when they become an adult.  I don’t play when it comes to other people’s kid/s.  I treat them as if they were my own when they are with me.  They must eat, sleep and of course learn something when they are with me.  I will  ensure they follow the rules set by their parent/s and they will understand the consequences when they don’t.

My money, now being single I hear a lot about how; men especially car dealership or repair men try to take advantage of a woman when she comes into contact with them.  Trust me I don’t have time for that!  I will ask you some questions and I will expect some answers.  I’m not that chick; who will be scared of a man who attempt makes me feel like I need to make a decision quickly (desperate).  These same men have my life in there hands, yes.  Because they are working on my car and I would need them to pay close attention to what they are doing and do it to the best of their ability.  Treat my car and the services you provide like you would your mother or wife; if he has one.  Don’t come at me with a cost that was not discussed because at the end of the day it will become a blessing.  I don’t like feeling taken advantage of and being in certain situations but some helps me realize how much communicating is important.  I don’t like to hear how black folks don’t know how to take care of business.  I truly believe we can and we do, but even in that we have to communicate our expectations and make decisions accordingly.  When good service is provided make it known.  I think we do good with sharing bad experiences.

Now, when I’m married, if I say “don’t mess with my man” that will imply don’t do anything to cause him to questions his faith, purpose and time with his family.  Yet, at the end of the day, all three of these areas I see I must totally trust God; yet I truly understand not to try it with a woman.  Look at the picture one more time.  Because women have a lot of influence and you don’t want to get tried by them.  Beyoncé said it best in the movie “Obsession” when she said, “oh, you wanna see crazy”, “you ain’t seen crazy’.