The Perfect Family
June 9, 2015, 10:00 AM
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family camera

I’ve asked a class room of adults to draw a picture of the perfect family.  If only you were there to be able to see their responses.  Some didn’t want to brag on theirs, some believed it wasn’t theirs, so I asked through the confusing looks.  Is there a such thing?  They sighed.  Yes, you can draw your family.  We all carry flaws, negativity, drama and the works when dealing with family, but isn’t that apart of life?  Of course, I wouldn’t use the word PERFECT in reference to what we know it to be.  But in this man made world, is there anything perfect?

As this quote reads “Life is like a camera….” I would say, Family is like a camera…. Focus on what’s important.  It’s that simple.  Many times we can ponder up all kinds of things that go wrong, who did what?  Instead of recognizing what’s most important.  So now I ask the question.  What is important to you when it comes to family?  For me, I love spending time with my family.  We can absolutely be doing “nothing” but just being around them brings me joy.  Without a shadow of doubt, I know I will get a laugh.  I know someone is going to tell a story about the past.  We have to know what’s important to us and share, so others will know.

Capture good times, I love capturing the good times.  This is why I tend to do classes with helping others capture those moments.  You know how people do, they get an invitation to a party, go purchase an outfit to wear to that party and next thing you know, in today’s world.  People take pictures and post them on Facebook.  But what about your uncles and aunts whose not on Facebook.  I am sure many of them have tones of pictures in boxes in their drawer or under their bed. I would love for you to reach out to me, those stories must be captured and told my creating a memory book.

Develop from the negatives, yes we live and we learn.  Why make the same mistakes twice?  It’s interesting tho!  Because there are people even in families.  Where someone may have done or said something and that was the END of that relationship.  The blood is still there, but whatever happened has damaged the trust in the relationship.  But it’s still workable if the people are still alive.  We don’t have time to hold on to grudges and I don’t believe that the lesson is to stop talking to that person, maybe it’s knowing how to deal with the person at another level.  Learn from the negatives and become a better person, by not letting it become between you and the people involved.

And if things don’t work out, TAKE Another SHOT.  All we have is each other.  FAMILY.  It goes down in history.  If someone was to write your story, wouldn’t you want to see how your family connects.  Family means a lot in the eyes of God.  The family structure is the foundation of everything that comes from it, businesses, organization and you name it even the church.  The Body of Christ should look like a family.  Now what kind of family?  That’s up to you.  You stand for something or you’ll fall for anything …. check out my website at Patchwork or LIKE my Facebook Page and Keep Reading, I hear it keeps one young.

Family Dollar
June 2, 2015, 10:00 AM
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family money

The question was asked, “when should a parent start educating their child/ren about money”, my reply.  As soon as they know how to talk.  There is so much history when it comes to money and the cost of living.  When I look around and observe children today, they can appear so unappreciative or unaware that there is a cost to life.  Yes, I know Jesus Christ paid it all, but when it comes to character there is much to be developed and development should start at home.

The word of God says, we (parents/adults) should train up a child in the way to go, so that….when does or should the training start.  I love to hear parents say, they talked to their child while in the womb.  I’ve heard some say, “they prayed for their child before they were even conceived”, I think that is so awesome.

There’s artwork on money from the coins to the bills.  There’s so much to be discussed to a parent can get the child’s curiosity going by opening their observation to the different sizes and colors.  To me, money and relationships go hand in hand.  We often hear as adults, allow your money to work for you while you are sleep.  Well, the one you love, you would hope they love you when they walk up and will continue to want to serve you and love you with no limits.

There some connections with how we treat money is how we treat relationships, that’s probably why there are credit reports, they are asked for during the counsel sessions.  By no means, its used to be judged but someone can gauge how a person make decisions and why?  You witness teenagers talking about they can’t wait to drive, etc. but don’t know about insurance, getting the tags and the other responsibilities that comes with purchasing a vehicle.  Parents walk into a store and want everything they see, “time to understand that it cost”.

In my book, I write about “how we can’t cram” parenting.  You can’t plant a seed today, water it at night and expect a rose in the morning.  So, parents/adults start soon to teach your child/ren about money.  There’s so many subject matters to uncover.  We want them to respect currency just like they are to honor their mother and father.  I sure hope I answered someone’s question or curiosity.  Until next time, be informed about that life:  FAMILY!