Class Starts at Home
May 7, 2015, 10:00 AM
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Parenting, Children, Villiage

Parenting, Children, Villiage

Who would have thought that you would have to take a course or need a support group as a parent.  I’m witnessing that parenting is not an easy task.  I’m learning each day, that not only do adults/parents need to continue their education for various of other responsibilities, but having PARENTING tools is a must.

No one would want to fail at parenting and surely it’s not a subject matter where you can cram.  I’ve heard parents say, “I can’t wait until so and so gets eighteen years old, because they will be on their own”.  Let me tell you something, If you did not train your child up in the way to go, leaving your home will only be an adventure and a returning door.  Parenting have to have the wisdom to know when to teach their child the basics of life so they can become good giving citizens in this world.

I was just in a conversation the other day, where me and another adult was discussing how these young children today don’t realize the responsibility of taking care of an apartment.  They have to get the electricity turned on, water and in some cases other kinds of utilities and they quickly get overwhelmed because they are not prepared to handle such responsibilities.  When the word of God says to train up your child in the way to go, so that he or show won’t depart, what exactly does that mean as a parent to you? When do you think a child or your child is mature enough to leave home?

Even when they leave home, please know you become the counselor.  Your responsibilities are not over as a parent.  You are always in training, so continue to get equipped and staying encouraged by being around other supportive parents.  It surely takes one to know one.