Confused about Your Expectations
December 23, 2013, 6:59 PM
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We are two days away from Christmas and family members can have all kinds of expectations. They will have these high price gifts . And be the ones who didn’t talk to you all year, but yet expect YOU to purchase what they want. The years of creativity has been among us for years with this economy. I know children are expecting all kinds of “things” this year with this technolgoy. I don’t blame them, but my concern is whether or not you appreciate what you are given.

Then there are some single females expecting that engagement ring. I just hope they don’t set themselves up for disappointment.  Howver, I hope you planted the seeds, to reap what you have sown. Familes are expected to spend time together during this holiday season, but believe it or not. Some folks don’t want too. I hope people are dealing with their family issues or challenges because we are never guranteed another day, let alone another season.   How do you gauge the reality of your expectations?  (Listen to the song by XSCAPE: Understanding).

Are our expectations clear ? I truly believe this is the time to be about family and friends.  The season of reconcilation.  Isn’t that’s why He was born in the first place?  I know some family members can be a headache, but (Keep.In.Mind)  that the hardest person to LOVE is the person who need LOVE the most. Let the gift He gave be the example: LOVE more! Happy last minute planning.