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February 9, 2016, 5:24 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 35. God’s Power in Your Weakness. A lot of times our weakness are not revealed until we are in drastic situations.  It’s easy to cover up but the earlier we can recognize or flaws to quicker we can take or discuss with our Father.

One of my weakness is the understanding of money. I would often say I don’t do numbers and I didn’t like math.  I had to take an algebra class the times before I passed,  for one because I believed I want good at it and I didn’t try.

My relationship with Christ started after college when I learned I could cast all my cares unto Him. It took sine time to know that He’s my strength when iam weak and I still didn’t take my financial challenges to Him.

I wasn’t born into money but He allowed me to be a steward of a town home, a vehicle and I’ve have the same job for almost 20 years. All because of my relationship with Him my expectations has changed. I can identify with my purpose,  so now I’m very intentional about my future.

Especially with my finances.  I’m thankful in so many way and to believe that I can turn everything over to Him. I walk in knowing He will not leave me or forsake me. I can discuss my desires with Him, study His word and seek counsel to make decisions today that will affect my future.

I can’t lean on my own understanding. He has placed some awesome people in my life where I can make wise investments, leave a financial legacy by starting a business and such much more.

I had to admit not just to myself but others that I need HELP in order to pursue my dreams.  I couldn’t continue to wall in lack of understanding when God says in all our getting getan understanding.

There is a reason a budget is need. Discipline is needed and accountability. I’m tracking the journey like I’ve done many other things and I see how my terminology is changing.

He will show up and as the money reads “in God we trust”. I don’t want to just make money.  I want money to work for me,  so there are some things I had to change,  think about and embrace. I can’t be fearfully of what I don’t know.  I have to trust Him with that.

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