Being Thoughtful
February 9, 2016, 3:19 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 34. Thinking Like a Servant. What are your thoughts like?  Do you think on this things that are good, pure and of good report?  What about when things happen that’s pass your understanding?  Do you think the worst?

What ever you are thinking you should track. Possibly starta journal so you can reflect.  Your thoughts dictate your actions.  If you are honest with yourself. I will be honest when I’m late or if I’m working on something and if it seems like is taking too long. I may lean toward thinking that maybe it’s some thing God didn’t want me to do but I’m one to KEEP IT MOVING.  I’m one of those people who like to finish what I started.

Therefore all my thoughts may not be as holy as I like,  but I trust God is ordering my steps although at times the process hurts.  I want to know know while I’m learning that He is increasing my faith the trust Him in last minute situations and there will be some road blocks that’s a part of life.

There are many roads which are constantly being repaired and new roads are being made.  We can’t dictate the journey but it must be embraced to appreciate the destination.

In what ever we do we have to do it as if we are doing it with God.  Reading the Bible will strengthen our discernment to know how to make specific decisions and make wise choices. We have to KEEP IN MIND that our life is not our own, Just like Jesus.

He died on the cross for our sins. He wasn’t selfish and it was painful but the end in mind was our purpose to be in pursuit of our Father, while enduring life hear on earth.

If the weather permits I’ll be speaking on a panel tomorrow at about relationships,  which I get to talk about my book. DVDS will be sold you can go to the website to order if you miss it. Or connect with me at

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