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February 9, 2016, 1:55 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 33. How Real Servants Act. I know I’ve heard statements like “like actions speak louder than words” but then people can just do a thing but their heart is far from it.

What do I mean? I can remember expecting my nephew to keep his room clean.  He had chores.  But there were times he allowed other activities to keep him from the commitment.  And then if I didn’t say anything I think he would have been okay with not cleaning up.

So,  after a while I felt a little disrespected.  You know I felt sine kind of way like “he didn’t respect my expectations and didn’t appreciate that he had his own space.  We talked about it and a step of understanding occurred and I became leaniate where we agreed he would clean up throughly on Saturdays indeed.

His schedule and coordination didn’t allow him to clean and organize like my experience of over 20 years.  So there was compromise.  Why did I share well type that because although he started off about 3 months strong to please me or to commit his actiobs did not line up with his heart. He was frustrated and at time only did it to prevent from hearing my mouth.

That’s why I can’t totally agree that actions speak louder than words. As a true,  authentic and transparent servant.  You will witness the actions of what’s being done that will line up with the heart. You will witness consistency.  As one was said recently that you can’t teach aperson faithfulness.  They are faithful because of their character.

LIGHTS: We should want or light to shine,  but not so bright that a person can’t see.  Servants should lead the way how how showing love should look like.

ACTION: Our actions should line up to what’s in our hearts.  It would take doing sine things that we are uncomfortable with but the bottom line should be to PLEASE His heart by being obedient to His voice.

CAMERA: we should never do things to get approval from man or to be seen. You want to be consistent in what you do.  I’m not saying you MUST be perfect thats impossible anyways without Him. But create your own memories to reflect over just to be able to share with those you discipline an out your journey to encourage.

When we serve others we areserving the God in them. No matter what it may be.  God doesn’t care about titles.  He looks at the heart.  And He said He will make your name great and hopefully your name is associated with a character of God.  We were created in His image.

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