Open Your Gift
February 8, 2016, 9:46 AM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 32. Using What God Gave You. There are so many things God gave us from experiences to reflect on to qualities we have that is demonstrated like know other because of our personality and physical make up.

I’ve been tall all my life.  I’ve always been the tallest in my classroom and in most cases on my job but my siblings are taller than me.  Yet, I’m thankful that God had given me the courage to embrace my height add part of my uniqueness.  I stand out and because I stand out it causes me to ensure that I represent Him.

I may not represent Him the way purged desire and I have to be reminded that God looks at the heart and not the outter appearance.  I’ve enjoyed words majority of my life.  I’ve been impressed with how they affect people.

Therefore, I want to represent His word, which is revelation is ever changing.  When people see me I hope they see Him. I want to be His gift that continues to be expressed on my journey. 

When I think about a gift at times we can get caught up in the package but it’s what’s on the inside.  And we have to use what’s on the inside to the fullest.  Sometimes thete a period of discovery.  Because we may not know all the functions of what we are capable of until we are in certain environments.

We are to trust God in our experiences and constantly seek Him for understanding because we are to be who He created us to be not what we think we should be in the eyes of others.

Take time to embrace all that you are because you are all that He is and desire for you to be. Remember all things work together for His good.  Seek first His kingdom and all things will be added.

SHARE the post if you like. Don’t let the enemy sum your joy. Lift your head up and know your are more than a conqueror.



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