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February 4, 2016, 9:15 PM
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Purpose Driving Life, Day 31. Only  You Can Be You. It seems like it’s a waste of time to try to be someone else because you don’t know how they think or how their heart beats. You don’t know what drives them, but if we took the time to know what drives us and to reflect on our experiences surely, we will know who we are.

If we could create our own personal identification card, what would be on it? Does our skin color determine who we are? What about the length of our hair? Aren’t you glad that God looks at our heart and not our outer appearance. There are abilities we have that no one as. I heard on a conference call recently that millionaires are self-made. Why? Because they created, well we created a path that gathers to how we are? I’m speaking that into existence.

No one can do specific things like we do, no one’s personality is like ours even if we say we have some of our parents personalities, they don’t hold the experiences we HOLD. We grew up in two, well three different areas under different circumstances. God created you to be an extension of Him that He adores and if you are trying to act or be like someone else you are being FALSE, because He created that person already, so that’s like telling Him, He must have made a mistake.

If you didn’t know I enjoy celebrating my birthday and that’s for so many reasons. One: I get to read the book Purpose Driven Life for the first 40 days, which my birthday is the first 40 days of the New Year. That’s so exciting to me because to God 40 is a divine number. Two: I love the scripture 1 Peter 2:9 about being peculiar, I am a chosen and peculiar person. My birthday is in the month of LOVE and HIStory, which is a whole nother story.

Purple is my favorite color, my birthstone and state color flower. Isn’t that awesome. My name means “Strength and Honor”, I believe that’s me all day. I enjoy creating memories, so I journal, make memories book and now writing books, it’s like I’m still growing. I hope you noticed my birthday celebrations that will start on tomorrow. And if you have read this I hope you plan to say “Happy Birthday” to me on my special day.

Go ahead and go beyond, wear something purple and post it on FB, that will surely make me smile and I will grab each picture and put it in a book. Last year I asked family and friends to post a picture of me with them. See, how unique I am. No one is like me and I can appreciate that, that makes me LOVE myself all the more.

My Birthday Song

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