What’s Your Shape?
February 1, 2016, 3:20 AM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 30. Shaped for Serving God.  It had nothing to do with height or any size for that matter. (I’m preaching to myself,  so let’s see how this flows). We are all a piece to the bigger picture, God’s vision. What piece do you HOLD?

It’s not about fitting in,  it’s about being in. We must know our purpose and the only way to know that is to have your own relationship with Christ. It’s okay to listen to other people’s testimonies,  but we have one of our own that’s being developed.

We have to take time to reflect and not just do what needs to be done for the sake of doing something.  We all want to belong and get along, but we have to remember that people are different and together we can work together if we take the time to get to know one another.

God desires for us to get along that’s how His kingdom is respected and sought after. People will know there is a God based on how we treat one another. We can support,  encourage and push one another into SHAPE.

What is your spiritual gift? And how are you using it to advance His kingdom?  What moves your heart? And what does He say about it?  Our heart needs to be turned towards Him to know the pieces of the kingdom we hold.

None of us are exactly the same even if we have the same spiritual gifts or desires.  There are others things that will cause us to be different but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. God said ALL things work together for His good.

Did anyone say it’s going to be easy? No, but don’t try to force what doesn’t fit. When you look at the Body of Christ we have to understand that we were put with this body for a reason.  It will take seeking God to know what that reason is.

I pray you find your place to serve Him you will find reward while being about His business that will cause a greater relationship with Him that no one can tell you,  you are out of place or encourage you to do something you know you are not fit for.

God is looking for His gifts. He want you to open up and express His love by what He placed in your heart.

#getfit #BN10tional! getinshape

Mybirthday is almost here. FEBRUARY 9TH.


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