It’s for a Reason
February 9, 2016, 7:15 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 36. Made With A Mission. Not only are we required by Him to serve but we also have a mission.  We are to spread the good news around the world and I’m thankful to recognize that I can do that with writing books and speaking among other things.

Although,  writing can be considered entertainment. I want to use it to educate in a fun way to draw readers closer to Him. I can remember my grandmother telling me that,  “the best way to hide something from someone was to put it in a book”.  From then on I didn’t want to be left behind.

We can be used by things we are interested in and good at.  It is God who gives us these gifts and desires for the uplifting of His kingdom and not for our personal gain. Think about the fishermen,  who became the fisher of men.

God has away of using our skills for His glory as long as we continue to seek Him. The process is not eady. We do not come out the womb knowing exactly what our mission is,  but He does. He knew us in our mother’s womb.  Therefore,  if we diligent seek Him we will be rewarded.

When we were born He knew the end before the beginning.  He’s the author and finisher of our faith.  He knows how the story will end and why. Let’s take our daily encounters seriously and expect to experience Him.

Know why you are hete so you won’t waste time.

I’m trying to catch up on my writing.  I’ve been on point more with reading than writing.  Yet, Happy Birthday to me.

Money Talks
February 9, 2016, 5:24 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 35. God’s Power in Your Weakness. A lot of times our weakness are not revealed until we are in drastic situations.  It’s easy to cover up but the earlier we can recognize or flaws to quicker we can take or discuss with our Father.

One of my weakness is the understanding of money. I would often say I don’t do numbers and I didn’t like math.  I had to take an algebra class the times before I passed,  for one because I believed I want good at it and I didn’t try.

My relationship with Christ started after college when I learned I could cast all my cares unto Him. It took sine time to know that He’s my strength when iam weak and I still didn’t take my financial challenges to Him.

I wasn’t born into money but He allowed me to be a steward of a town home, a vehicle and I’ve have the same job for almost 20 years. All because of my relationship with Him my expectations has changed. I can identify with my purpose,  so now I’m very intentional about my future.

Especially with my finances.  I’m thankful in so many way and to believe that I can turn everything over to Him. I walk in knowing He will not leave me or forsake me. I can discuss my desires with Him, study His word and seek counsel to make decisions today that will affect my future.

I can’t lean on my own understanding. He has placed some awesome people in my life where I can make wise investments, leave a financial legacy by starting a business and such much more.

I had to admit not just to myself but others that I need HELP in order to pursue my dreams.  I couldn’t continue to wall in lack of understanding when God says in all our getting getan understanding.

There is a reason a budget is need. Discipline is needed and accountability. I’m tracking the journey like I’ve done many other things and I see how my terminology is changing.

He will show up and as the money reads “in God we trust”. I don’t want to just make money.  I want money to work for me,  so there are some things I had to change,  think about and embrace. I can’t be fearfully of what I don’t know.  I have to trust Him with that.

Being Thoughtful
February 9, 2016, 3:19 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 34. Thinking Like a Servant. What are your thoughts like?  Do you think on this things that are good, pure and of good report?  What about when things happen that’s pass your understanding?  Do you think the worst?

What ever you are thinking you should track. Possibly starta journal so you can reflect.  Your thoughts dictate your actions.  If you are honest with yourself. I will be honest when I’m late or if I’m working on something and if it seems like is taking too long. I may lean toward thinking that maybe it’s some thing God didn’t want me to do but I’m one to KEEP IT MOVING.  I’m one of those people who like to finish what I started.

Therefore all my thoughts may not be as holy as I like,  but I trust God is ordering my steps although at times the process hurts.  I want to know know while I’m learning that He is increasing my faith the trust Him in last minute situations and there will be some road blocks that’s a part of life.

There are many roads which are constantly being repaired and new roads are being made.  We can’t dictate the journey but it must be embraced to appreciate the destination.

In what ever we do we have to do it as if we are doing it with God.  Reading the Bible will strengthen our discernment to know how to make specific decisions and make wise choices. We have to KEEP IN MIND that our life is not our own, Just like Jesus.

He died on the cross for our sins. He wasn’t selfish and it was painful but the end in mind was our purpose to be in pursuit of our Father, while enduring life hear on earth.

If the weather permits I’ll be speaking on a panel tomorrow at about relationships,  which I get to talk about my book. DVDS will be sold you can go to the website to order if you miss it. Or connect with me at

Acting Classs
February 9, 2016, 1:55 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 33. How Real Servants Act. I know I’ve heard statements like “like actions speak louder than words” but then people can just do a thing but their heart is far from it.

What do I mean? I can remember expecting my nephew to keep his room clean.  He had chores.  But there were times he allowed other activities to keep him from the commitment.  And then if I didn’t say anything I think he would have been okay with not cleaning up.

So,  after a while I felt a little disrespected.  You know I felt sine kind of way like “he didn’t respect my expectations and didn’t appreciate that he had his own space.  We talked about it and a step of understanding occurred and I became leaniate where we agreed he would clean up throughly on Saturdays indeed.

His schedule and coordination didn’t allow him to clean and organize like my experience of over 20 years.  So there was compromise.  Why did I share well type that because although he started off about 3 months strong to please me or to commit his actiobs did not line up with his heart. He was frustrated and at time only did it to prevent from hearing my mouth.

That’s why I can’t totally agree that actions speak louder than words. As a true,  authentic and transparent servant.  You will witness the actions of what’s being done that will line up with the heart. You will witness consistency.  As one was said recently that you can’t teach aperson faithfulness.  They are faithful because of their character.

LIGHTS: We should want or light to shine,  but not so bright that a person can’t see.  Servants should lead the way how how showing love should look like.

ACTION: Our actions should line up to what’s in our hearts.  It would take doing sine things that we are uncomfortable with but the bottom line should be to PLEASE His heart by being obedient to His voice.

CAMERA: we should never do things to get approval from man or to be seen. You want to be consistent in what you do.  I’m not saying you MUST be perfect thats impossible anyways without Him. But create your own memories to reflect over just to be able to share with those you discipline an out your journey to encourage.

When we serve others we areserving the God in them. No matter what it may be.  God doesn’t care about titles.  He looks at the heart.  And He said He will make your name great and hopefully your name is associated with a character of God.  We were created in His image.

Open Your Gift
February 8, 2016, 9:46 AM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 32. Using What God Gave You. There are so many things God gave us from experiences to reflect on to qualities we have that is demonstrated like know other because of our personality and physical make up.

I’ve been tall all my life.  I’ve always been the tallest in my classroom and in most cases on my job but my siblings are taller than me.  Yet, I’m thankful that God had given me the courage to embrace my height add part of my uniqueness.  I stand out and because I stand out it causes me to ensure that I represent Him.

I may not represent Him the way purged desire and I have to be reminded that God looks at the heart and not the outter appearance.  I’ve enjoyed words majority of my life.  I’ve been impressed with how they affect people.

Therefore, I want to represent His word, which is revelation is ever changing.  When people see me I hope they see Him. I want to be His gift that continues to be expressed on my journey. 

When I think about a gift at times we can get caught up in the package but it’s what’s on the inside.  And we have to use what’s on the inside to the fullest.  Sometimes thete a period of discovery.  Because we may not know all the functions of what we are capable of until we are in certain environments.

We are to trust God in our experiences and constantly seek Him for understanding because we are to be who He created us to be not what we think we should be in the eyes of others.

Take time to embrace all that you are because you are all that He is and desire for you to be. Remember all things work together for His good.  Seek first His kingdom and all things will be added.

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Be You
February 4, 2016, 9:15 PM
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Purpose Driving Life, Day 31. Only  You Can Be You. It seems like it’s a waste of time to try to be someone else because you don’t know how they think or how their heart beats. You don’t know what drives them, but if we took the time to know what drives us and to reflect on our experiences surely, we will know who we are.

If we could create our own personal identification card, what would be on it? Does our skin color determine who we are? What about the length of our hair? Aren’t you glad that God looks at our heart and not our outer appearance. There are abilities we have that no one as. I heard on a conference call recently that millionaires are self-made. Why? Because they created, well we created a path that gathers to how we are? I’m speaking that into existence.

No one can do specific things like we do, no one’s personality is like ours even if we say we have some of our parents personalities, they don’t hold the experiences we HOLD. We grew up in two, well three different areas under different circumstances. God created you to be an extension of Him that He adores and if you are trying to act or be like someone else you are being FALSE, because He created that person already, so that’s like telling Him, He must have made a mistake.

If you didn’t know I enjoy celebrating my birthday and that’s for so many reasons. One: I get to read the book Purpose Driven Life for the first 40 days, which my birthday is the first 40 days of the New Year. That’s so exciting to me because to God 40 is a divine number. Two: I love the scripture 1 Peter 2:9 about being peculiar, I am a chosen and peculiar person. My birthday is in the month of LOVE and HIStory, which is a whole nother story.

Purple is my favorite color, my birthstone and state color flower. Isn’t that awesome. My name means “Strength and Honor”, I believe that’s me all day. I enjoy creating memories, so I journal, make memories book and now writing books, it’s like I’m still growing. I hope you noticed my birthday celebrations that will start on tomorrow. And if you have read this I hope you plan to say “Happy Birthday” to me on my special day.

Go ahead and go beyond, wear something purple and post it on FB, that will surely make me smile and I will grab each picture and put it in a book. Last year I asked family and friends to post a picture of me with them. See, how unique I am. No one is like me and I can appreciate that, that makes me LOVE myself all the more.

My Birthday Song

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What’s Your Shape?
February 1, 2016, 3:20 AM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 30. Shaped for Serving God.  It had nothing to do with height or any size for that matter. (I’m preaching to myself,  so let’s see how this flows). We are all a piece to the bigger picture, God’s vision. What piece do you HOLD?

It’s not about fitting in,  it’s about being in. We must know our purpose and the only way to know that is to have your own relationship with Christ. It’s okay to listen to other people’s testimonies,  but we have one of our own that’s being developed.

We have to take time to reflect and not just do what needs to be done for the sake of doing something.  We all want to belong and get along, but we have to remember that people are different and together we can work together if we take the time to get to know one another.

God desires for us to get along that’s how His kingdom is respected and sought after. People will know there is a God based on how we treat one another. We can support,  encourage and push one another into SHAPE.

What is your spiritual gift? And how are you using it to advance His kingdom?  What moves your heart? And what does He say about it?  Our heart needs to be turned towards Him to know the pieces of the kingdom we hold.

None of us are exactly the same even if we have the same spiritual gifts or desires.  There are others things that will cause us to be different but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. God said ALL things work together for His good.

Did anyone say it’s going to be easy? No, but don’t try to force what doesn’t fit. When you look at the Body of Christ we have to understand that we were put with this body for a reason.  It will take seeking God to know what that reason is.

I pray you find your place to serve Him you will find reward while being about His business that will cause a greater relationship with Him that no one can tell you,  you are out of place or encourage you to do something you know you are not fit for.

God is looking for His gifts. He want you to open up and express His love by what He placed in your heart.

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Mybirthday is almost here. FEBRUARY 9TH.