Know Your Body
January 31, 2016, 10:35 AM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 29. Accepting Your Assignment. If we can believe that everything happens for a reason. Why did you join a specific church? What was it that drew you to that place?

Let me also mention family.  If your family had a purpose,  what would it be?  Why do you think God created you from your mother and father?  Of all the people in the world to choose from you have there genes and you ended up at that church. Reflect on that. 

God fearfully and wonderfully created you,  He knew you in your mother’s womb and He orders our steps. But why?  For His purpose and will. His word says,  all things work together for His good.

Now do you think He created you just to eat and sleep at home?  Or to just sit in the pews and hear the word but not be a doer of it? God wants to use you and that means that you will need people. You can’t do it by yourself.

That why I believe He created the body. And we say the head is just as important as the feet, but we don’t want to READ. But we are quick to want to go somewhere.  We can’t go anywhere intentionally until we are purposefully seeking Him for directions.

Find out how you can be more involved with your family. Be determined to create a family vision statement.  If you are a church attender and you are not serving any where in a ministry, find out how you can give, not just money but your time and talent.

You are good at something and serving in church is a sure way to find out. You are a part of the body for a reason.  A body functions efficiently when all parts are being used according to its original purpose.  An ear can not taste food. The mother can not be a father.  The children can not be the parents.  The church building can not function by itself.  It needs your management skills.  Your gifting are to be used for the uplifting of His kingdom.

Let’s get to work. #BN10tional!  Keep It Moving.

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