Just Walk Away
January 28, 2016, 9:52 PM
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pdl 27


Purpose Driving Life, Day 27. Defeating Temptation. Temptation is not something you would want to flirt with, we don’t roll dices with our lives by taking chances when we clearly know what is expected of us. We know we have overcome specific situations (temptation) only to find ourselves being able to face it and it doesn’t cause us to feel like we are double-minded.

Can we even describe temptation? I believe temptation causes a battle to go on in your head. It’s like your head and heart is fighting between one another. Who do you think will win? Or have won in the past. This is why I enjoy writing. Writing allows me to write all my thoughts out, the good and bad ones; to give me time to reflect. Where I can actually see where situations have tormented me when it comes to my attitude and actions. In seeing it written out I can identify patterns to determine what to do or not to do when I’m in that situation the next time.

I’ve said it before in a previous blog regarding people saying that “experience being the best teacher” when in actuality it is not. I’ve experienced being in certain situations over and over again and wasn’t learning anything because I was allowing my emotions to get the best of me. I thought I could change the fact, or be strong enough to deal with them. It wasn’t until I reflected on a situation and recognized what I liked or disliked. I don’t like confusion. I don’t believe the heart and mind should be at war, there should be  a sense peace about certain situations that we claim to be important to us. The heart and mind should be on the same page, one accord.

Our heart holds a lot of emotions, feelings; while our head holds knowledge and facts. Our heart can be deceitful, we have to truly get to know ourselves and identifying what we can handle or not handle on our own. I’ve learned just because I get excited about something doesn’t mean it’s for me to  make a commitment. We should all want to grow. I don’t want to be at the same place in any area of my life this year as I was last year, so I have to create some intentional measures.

We have to desire to want to mature, and maturity does not come with age. Maturity is taking experiences and reflecting and seeking out the lessons learned to hopefully one day share with someone else and move on. As the word of God says, they defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. We have to want to share our experiences to help others. But even in that, it requires maturity. We must be free from the pain, embarrassment and pride of a situation by knowing the lessons learned based on character development.

There are times where we have to make “heart” decisions where we need to walk away from situations and people for that matter, who are not going in the same direction as we are. I’m not saying not to love them, but you can love a person from afar. Just ensure they do not put you in situations where you end up battling between your heart and mind to things you know you are well able to overcome.

There is maturity is walking away. Let your past be your past as the lessons learned will determine your future. Keep It Moving and Write the Vision and Make it Plain.


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