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January 31, 2016, 10:35 AM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 29. Accepting Your Assignment. If we can believe that everything happens for a reason. Why did you join a specific church? What was it that drew you to that place?

Let me also mention family.  If your family had a purpose,  what would it be?  Why do you think God created you from your mother and father?  Of all the people in the world to choose from you have there genes and you ended up at that church. Reflect on that. 

God fearfully and wonderfully created you,  He knew you in your mother’s womb and He orders our steps. But why?  For His purpose and will. His word says,  all things work together for His good.

Now do you think He created you just to eat and sleep at home?  Or to just sit in the pews and hear the word but not be a doer of it? God wants to use you and that means that you will need people. You can’t do it by yourself.

That why I believe He created the body. And we say the head is just as important as the feet, but we don’t want to READ. But we are quick to want to go somewhere.  We can’t go anywhere intentionally until we are purposefully seeking Him for directions.

Find out how you can be more involved with your family. Be determined to create a family vision statement.  If you are a church attender and you are not serving any where in a ministry, find out how you can give, not just money but your time and talent.

You are good at something and serving in church is a sure way to find out. You are a part of the body for a reason.  A body functions efficiently when all parts are being used according to its original purpose.  An ear can not taste food. The mother can not be a father.  The children can not be the parents.  The church building can not function by itself.  It needs your management skills.  Your gifting are to be used for the uplifting of His kingdom.

Let’s get to work. #BN10tional!  Keep It Moving.

It’s About Process
January 29, 2016, 12:49 PM
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Sequence of pumpkin plant growing isolated, evolution concept

It has to start somewhere

Purpose Driven Life, Day 28. It Takes Time. How many times do we have to hear that? This world has gotten to a place where we actually believe what Burger King’s slogan say “ have it your way“. There little truth to that slogan.

In my book “Season of Intentional Relationships” I wrote about how people tend to think that change comes automatically, but we need to reflect and understand we can’t plant a seed one day and expect to see a flower bloomed the next. Yes, we want our spouse, child or friend to be a better person especially if you have shared some guidance to them. But we also have to consider that they have to process. Revelation must be believed before them in their own process. Some people learn best through hardship. I’m not that person.

Yes, we want our spouse, child or friend to be a better person the next time you see them, especially if you have shared some guidance with them. However, we also have to consider that they have to process what has been revealed to them. Revelation must be believed before the process begins if at all. Some people learn best through hardship. I’m not that person.

We have to get sick and tired of certain things that we do have the power to change, which it start with how we think. Which reminds me of another phrase I hear often from people who know I am a Christian, they would say “I thought you were a Christian”. Somewhere people don’t recognize that maturity requires a process. To gain wisdom in includes a process.

We can’t generalize everything and believe that all men or women are the same. Same with all blacks or whites are the same because we are not. We all have our own experiences which affects our insight on life and if you don’t know the entire story by having a relationship with those people you will not understand why people do what they do and it has nothing to do with the color of their skin. They have to come to whatever realization to make specific choices. You can’t make for them. Although, education is key. It’s not the end all to all.

The sooner we understand that a thought is a seed planted and that it matures with actions. We can’t just lay in bed and have good thoughts. We must get out of the bed and do something and whatever you do will determine your future.

We have to embrace the changes, the lesson, the sharing and the teaching; which all equates to process. Although, they say change requires growth, yet surely growth requires change. I’ve seen people change their environment but they haven’t changed their behavior, but if they change their behavior surely their surroundings will evidently change.

We have to be thankful that we can become the best of all our best advice, so be coachable in the process.  There will be an opportunity for you to be a teacher of life, but enjoy the journey of being a student. You can’t teach until you are a student first. Listen to those who have taken the road you are desiring to take. Life was created to be shared. It’s not good to be alone.

If your personal I.D. had to describe  you what would it say. Color, Size or your address don’t mean MUCH.


Make a Vision Board if you haven’t already.

Just Walk Away
January 28, 2016, 9:52 PM
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pdl 27


Purpose Driving Life, Day 27. Defeating Temptation. Temptation is not something you would want to flirt with, we don’t roll dices with our lives by taking chances when we clearly know what is expected of us. We know we have overcome specific situations (temptation) only to find ourselves being able to face it and it doesn’t cause us to feel like we are double-minded.

Can we even describe temptation? I believe temptation causes a battle to go on in your head. It’s like your head and heart is fighting between one another. Who do you think will win? Or have won in the past. This is why I enjoy writing. Writing allows me to write all my thoughts out, the good and bad ones; to give me time to reflect. Where I can actually see where situations have tormented me when it comes to my attitude and actions. In seeing it written out I can identify patterns to determine what to do or not to do when I’m in that situation the next time.

I’ve said it before in a previous blog regarding people saying that “experience being the best teacher” when in actuality it is not. I’ve experienced being in certain situations over and over again and wasn’t learning anything because I was allowing my emotions to get the best of me. I thought I could change the fact, or be strong enough to deal with them. It wasn’t until I reflected on a situation and recognized what I liked or disliked. I don’t like confusion. I don’t believe the heart and mind should be at war, there should be  a sense peace about certain situations that we claim to be important to us. The heart and mind should be on the same page, one accord.

Our heart holds a lot of emotions, feelings; while our head holds knowledge and facts. Our heart can be deceitful, we have to truly get to know ourselves and identifying what we can handle or not handle on our own. I’ve learned just because I get excited about something doesn’t mean it’s for me to  make a commitment. We should all want to grow. I don’t want to be at the same place in any area of my life this year as I was last year, so I have to create some intentional measures.

We have to desire to want to mature, and maturity does not come with age. Maturity is taking experiences and reflecting and seeking out the lessons learned to hopefully one day share with someone else and move on. As the word of God says, they defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness. We have to want to share our experiences to help others. But even in that, it requires maturity. We must be free from the pain, embarrassment and pride of a situation by knowing the lessons learned based on character development.

There are times where we have to make “heart” decisions where we need to walk away from situations and people for that matter, who are not going in the same direction as we are. I’m not saying not to love them, but you can love a person from afar. Just ensure they do not put you in situations where you end up battling between your heart and mind to things you know you are well able to overcome.

There is maturity is walking away. Let your past be your past as the lessons learned will determine your future. Keep It Moving and Write the Vision and Make it Plain.


Pressing Anyways
January 27, 2016, 9:51 PM
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pdl 26

Purpose Driven Life, Day 26. Growing Through Temptation. Do we even know when we are tempted? There is a huge difference in understanding our emotions and responding to the flesh. There’s nothing wrong with being excited about someone of the opposite sex as long as it’s not taken out of context and you end up doing things to compromise your relationship with God, your integrity and what you believe.

Often times, especially with being single people have a tendency to believe they can handle certain situations and then there are those who don’t take any risk to feel themselves through a process to know how to handle themselves. Now, if you know you are weak, don’t play dice with your emotions because they will cave in especially if you don’t have an accountability partner, but wait a minute folks don’t like “telling their business”.

PLEASE NOTE: The devil knows your weakness and your insecurities. I believe that when you have good folks around you, who you know is prayer for your good would not have a problem holding you accountable and you sharing where you are in your life.  Don’t allow temptation to become a hindrance, pay attention to how you respond to situations and find a way to deal with them.

I’ve learned that it’s important to me to ask a lot of questions, especially to a guy I’m interested in before trying to spend alone time with him. Vulnerability can be sexy, but no one wants to feel like they are being taken advantage of. Why would a person feel like they are being taken advantage of, “when you tell a person how you truly feel and they proceed to play on your emotions” versus creating boundaries and setting some expectations.

Temptation can make us stronger, if we can recognize what method to use in dealing with them, like maybe not being at a person’s house in the weeee hours of the night. Planning surely helps me, I don’t do “last minute outings” too often, but I know I have to learn to be flexible in some areas, but if I don’t know you enough to trust you with last minute arrangments, I wouldn’t put myself in certain situations that would cause me to be tempted.

Stay prayed up and identify your weak spots and strengthen those areas with the word of God. If you have to RUN from a situation, get your NIKES and Just Do It!

#BN10tional! Protect your future, we are surprised our choices not only affect our future but those close too us too, remember the story of Adam and Even.

Moving Forward
January 27, 2016, 12:18 PM
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pdl 25

Purpose Driven Life, Day 25. Transformed by Trouble. I want to know who really rejoices when they face trials and tribulations? I want to get to a place where when I see trouble coming I can face it knowing that I’m about to learn a lesson or be a blessing. I know this is how God wants us to react, but let’s face it. It’s an uncomfortable and headache to deal with trouble at times, but we have to remember who’s on our side.

We face doubt wondering what is it that you are doing, we beat ourselves up and feel guilty; but that’s not how God want us to respond. Trouble comes to sharpen us to build our character and I’ve learned this year to say  an affirmation to keep me encouraged and focused, like “I will learn from my challenges quietly as I am will become the best of all my greatest advice or life lessons”. We have to move forward and I totally believe if we can remember the challenges we face, surely we can determine if we reflect why certain things happened and stay in tuned to what God is doing.

We have to move forward and I totally believe, if we can remember the challenges we face, and reflect by seeking God and applying His word. We will gain new insight on those trials. Trials don’t come just to show up, they come to show us something about ourselves; so we have to pay attention and take heed. God created them to teach on how to trust Him, to seek Him and to be able to share His story. The quicker we are able to face our challenges the quicker we are able to Keep it Moving.

God created them to teach us how to trust Him, to seek Him and to be able to share His story. The quicker we are able to face our challenges the quicker we are able to Keep it Moving. The longer we feel like we are stuck or talk about the problem, it will cause delay and the longer it will take for us to learn a 3-day lesson versus a 30-day testimony.  Start creating a momentum for yourself on how you plan to deal with challenges that

Start creating momentum for yourself on how you plan to deal with challenges that come your way.  Train yourself to laugh and embrace that fact that God is with you and He will see you through. I know that sounds easy to do, but what I’m asking is that you go on this journey with me to at least aim to do something different when you are faced with trouble. Even with criticism on knowing how to deal with people. Don’t look at them, look at the spirit of the matter.

I truly believe that people don’t wake up saying “I want to piss (your name) off today; however we know the role of the adversary. He comes to kill, steal and destroy and he will use anyone who’s open to his devices all because they don’t spend time with God. People who are used by the devil is a demonstration of them needing prayer.

So, pray for those who use you and despite disrespect you. Sometimes they don’t’ even know they are being used by the enemy. Pray for them because they need the love you have. There is a quote that I read and it’s so powerful. It goes like this “the people who need LOVE the most are the hardest people to LOVE”. Keep that in mind, when you face challenges where other people are involved.

Join me on this journey. We are 25 Days in. Check out by joining my brothers and sisters in Christ on the Morning Prayer Call every M-F from 6:30 am EST.





Truth Reigns
January 25, 2016, 5:11 PM
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His story

Purpose Driven Life, Day 24. Transformed by Truth. This was a powerful reading today. If you are not on this journey with me, I highly suggest you too. Let’s grow together. It’s the new year and what a way to create growth in your life. I’m not about goals anymore. I’m about growth growing. Words does something to me and I’m always seeking the truth.

God says we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. I can remember when I could recognize how words affected people and how they made them respond whether it was good or bad. I heard adults say when I was a child, that sticks and stone can break your bones but words will never hurt you. Only to find out that was totally a lie. Words do hurt especially when they come from a person you love, respect and admire.

At times it also depends on knowing who you are and I know I belong to God. I want people to look at me and say “they know He is the Father”. Although, for those who know my dad, says, I look exactly life him, which is compliment as well. I truly believe that no matter what we are facing in life. If we keep Him first, He can change your story into His story where we won’t grow bitter but better.

Often times we wonder why we face things; verses understanding and connecting to God to find out what He’s teaching us. We have to be honest with ourselves and others in order to get to the truth. The truth dwells in us because we are His, now it’s just a matter of embracing His character and being a demonstration of what you know about Him. Finding the truth requires actions. You must DO something. Say, I DO!!! Treat whatever you are doing like a marriage.

The truth will set you free and I’ve found writing as a method of releasing my emotional baggage. I could carry them around but I seek Him to ask Him how I can use it to empower others. I remember my grandmother telling me “that if you didn’t have anything positive to say, don’t say nothing at all. Well, she didn’t tell me I couldn’t write about it.

What we go through is not for us, it’s for us to share but we surely must be free from that experience. You have to be honest about how you felt, but be a witness of how far you have come since giving a situation over to God. No one says it’s easy, but it’s necessary.

Growth requires truth and the only way to be free in God is to be honest with Him. My truth is knowing, He knows already anyways.

Here we grow!


Are you on the morning Prayer Calls, EST time 6:30am, come on call it. The truth is there: 641 715 3572, let me know if you will be joining us. I have a challenge of connecting 16 people this year. Be one. Message me on Facebook at Kimberly Sharkey.

Here We Grow
January 25, 2016, 4:49 PM
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Purpose Driven Life, Day 23How We Grow? I am often reminded that people need to be intentional about their growth and sometimes it is hard. It’s like being between a rock and a hard place. Yet, I’m thankful for God’s word when He said, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord.

I’ve found myself in some very challenging situations throughout my life and I had to take time a reflect over the choices I made, which i believed lead me to those challenges. This is why I like to journal and create memory books. I have to be creative about my journey. There were things I were not taught in different stages of my life. As they say, I had to learn the hard way. I’m learning on this very day that experience is not the BEST teacher. I’ve heard that often; but I witness people day in and day out doing the same thing and then complain and not learning. Yet, I’ve learned from them on what not to do; while I didn’t have to experience it for myself. That’s what Keep It Moving is all about.

In life, we will face challenges and the word of God says, “we need to count it all joy” and at the same time to remember that He has overcame the world. When we have certain experiences we should reflect and ask ourselves those “heart” questions, so we can grow and K.I.M. Reevaluate the people around you, the actions you took and the thoughts you had. You might need to make some changes. Embrace growth as a life style and not a goal.

I hear people that don’t like to change because we are a people of habit; but I beg to differ. We are changing every day whether we like it or not. Nothing happens exactly the same way; but we must pay attending to what’s happening to us and around us. Change will hopefully birth growth, which growth is needed in our life in order to change. We are still in the first month of this year, do you know where you are going? What are your expectations, there are somethings you are going to have to CHANGE in order to grow.

I like this picture because as they say “a picture can tell a thousand words” and what it’s telling me is to Keep It Moving and to press forth, no matter what situation we may have encountered. Find the lesson to be learned. At the end of the day, if we keep our focus on Him. He can turn a bad situation into something good. If you don’t believe me, just watch.

I’ve created a publishing company around this principle, it’s called enterUPtion Literary Works, where we PRESS on! I may make some changes, but this is where I am now. I’m in my process to greatness; that’s my expectations, so what about you? It is my prayer that all my family and friends are successful and bring value to each others lives.

Come on ya’ll, Here we Grow.