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June 23, 2015, 10:00 AM
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I can’t help but think about a comment my pastor made once.  He said “if we keep going the way we are regarding family, we will end up having to go to a museum to see what a family looks like”.  I had to think about that not just for minutes, nor hours, but he said this some years ago and it still bothers me.  I think it bothers me because I’m not sure how to answer the questions I ask myself.  First, how are we keep going?  What are families doing or not doing?

Is he referring to the single parent homes, the many young men getting shot and there’s no father around.  Or is he talking about families not even sitting together to eat.  There was a time where families sat together, helped with preparation for any meal, but are families still doing that.  I see more grandparents and other family members raising children verses the one’s who actually birth the child.

On the other hand I know so many young people coming up who are doing the right things like getting married before they have children, and it makes me proud.  So to me the future is bright.  I haven’t taken a survey and it’s easier to dwell on the negative verses the positive, so what can we do to ensure that families stay together and demonstrate what family suppose to look like.  With divorce rates rising and we have gotten on the term, “children having children” because it has become normal.  I will say this in responding to what the pastor said.

Family may not look the way we think:  The mother, father, 3 children and a dog, but family has become to be a support system of others who care about the same things I care about.  They are people who I can call upon to help me on my journey whether I’m raising a child, or babysitting someone else’s.  Neighbors just live next door.  People we sit in church next to are just filling a sit.

We have to become more friendly, you know like the word of God say.  Show yourself to be friendly.  I get it people don’t want people in their business, but as an entrepreneur.  I want everybody to know what I do because what I do is responding to a need.  The need is to ensure we connect with those around us by any means necessary that equates to demonstrating LOVE.  We owe no man but to love him.  We are all family, this is why we call Him, our Father.

We can no longer look over our shoulders as if the community affairs are not our problems, when we live in that community. Men, if there are single women in your neighborhood and she has a son. Ask how you can assist with no motive but to ensure that the children are being raised to be effective citizens.  There is so much work to do and where we start is by FIRST …. sharing our stories, our journey, ourselves with one another.  We all have a lesson that has been learned.  Reminding of this song that sings “I am a nobody, trying to tell everybody, about some body who will change anybody”.

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