The People In the Picture
June 16, 2015, 6:00 AM
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family memories

Have you ever been at a relatives house and they had piles of photo albums, or pictures in an old shoe box and you just wondered, who were those people in the picture?  I mean these are your matured relatives and one didn’t even know it.  I’ve heard of a situation where a family member had passed away and the family left behind ended up having a garage sale because they didn’t need for any of the items that remained.  They sold everything.  hey knew she was their great aunt Betty, but they didn’t know her, well.  The house was actually left to a great cousin Sue, but Sue died about 30 years ago.  And no one knew what to do because no paperwork was available.  No one actually knows how long the house had been in the family.

Nevertheless at the garage sale, there was this nice bronze frame with a picture in it.  No name, no dates, so the young couple thought that the picture that was inside was a picture that came with the frame.  You know how when you purchase a frame there’s a picture in it already?  Well, I guessed that’s what they were thinking.  Only to find out on their great uncles death bed.  He was mumbling about the picture.  He was describing what the lady had on.  He knew it so well; although it was a black and white picture.  The family for floored because they had no idea what he was referring too.  He was almost ignored because you know “they considered him old”.  Someone told the story to another relative who remembered the picture being sold at the garage sale. Now about three years later.  They had sold the picture frame for $10, only because it was ancient and bronze.  Very Victorian like.  Realization set in that the picture that was in the frame was a family member.

From that day when I heard the story, I realized how important it was to have names on the back of pictures and dates.  This is how I took to heart on creating family stories.  Although for years, I searched and searched for pictures of my mother and father.  I wanted to know what they were like before they got married and had children.  Being that my mother is deceased and my dad ….. ( I won’t say).  He’s not good with details.  Don’t remember what she (my mom) had on when they first met.  So, this gave me the encouragement to keep everything, save all memories and create books for my children when I have them.  These books will be around in my family and who ever retrieves them will know who I am, witness my growth and be amazed with my journey.

I encourage everyone to take time and capture those moments they encounter with family and friends.  I mean we are invited to things, we travel on purpose and we set out to spend quality time with people who are near and dear to our hearts, only to forget the details.  Capture them and make books to leave a legacy.  Contact me, I’ll help ….. Patchwork or visit me at Patchwork Website

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