If it wasn’t for HER
May 10, 2015, 6:00 AM
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mother, family, children, love, respect

mother, family, children, love, respect

One of the reality checks we can all make is this.  If it wasn’t for our mother, we wouldn’t be here.  I mean our father’s had something to do with it too, but (well I hope you get my point).  I hope by now you have just blessed the socks off of your mother.  It’s mother’s day.  I can only image some teenagers running around here on this earth trying to have an attitude because they may not have a grand relationship with their mother.  And I sure hope their mother is somewhere praying and remembering what it was like being a teenager.  Some children are going through their hormone stage, so please don’t take it personal.

If you are  teen and you are reading this blog, Please have a sit, so you can truly read this.   Do you know how long your mother carried you in her stomach?  Have she explained to you what birthing you was like?  If you know none of this, go find out how you can get some home-made cookies.  Okay, see if you can pick up a pack at the store with some ice-cream and ask your mom to sit across her bed to tell you this story, while you are eating cookies and ice-cream.

Have you mom shared how when you first started school, how scared she was to leave you with strangers?  Oh and if she’s a single parents, whew.  If you don’t know these stories, ask your mom NOW if there’s anything you can help her with today, while she tell you these stories.

BOTTOM LINE:  Mother’s love unconditionally.  They are not perfect, they don’t get things right all the time, but trust me they try their best.  Keep this in mind.  They would not tell you to jump off a roof.  Whatever advice your mom is giving you, she’s giving it to you to protect you because she cares.  PLEASE LISTEN.

Because it’s Mother’s Day, I would like to take this time to let every mother I know or who come in contact with this reading to know, God used you to bring life into this world.  Don’t take this assignment lightly; yet I trust you are doing your best.  If you don’t have a network of other mom’s please let me know.  I know some awesome mom’s to connect you with, because one thing for sure.  It is not good to do anything alone.  It still takes a village.

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