There are 2 Things, Nawl 3 Things You Don’t Mess With
May 28, 2015, 10:00 AM
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family mom

I’m sure you heard a mother say, there are 2 things you don’t mess with; her child/ren and her money, but then with hesitation for some and proudly with others there’s one more; her man/husband.  To be a woman, I’m so thankful.  I do not have children of my own, but let me say.  My choice would be to have a husband first, but I don’t have him, yet either.  Yet, I can understand the challenge; just based on dealing with my money.  I don’t like MANipulators. They come off as people who really don’t know what they want and can’t be trusted.  I could go on with name calling, but that’s not my purpose for this message.

Because I’ve had the experience of raising my nephew and taking care of other people’s children.  I will say I’m honored to have been trusted with such privilege.  One can learn from these little people, we call children and you would want to protect the gift that’s inside of them, that haven’t fully blossomed.  During their childhood, an adult have an opportunity to plant seeds in there lives to hopefully take root to be remembered when they become an adult.  I don’t play when it comes to other people’s kid/s.  I treat them as if they were my own when they are with me.  They must eat, sleep and of course learn something when they are with me.  I will  ensure they follow the rules set by their parent/s and they will understand the consequences when they don’t.

My money, now being single I hear a lot about how; men especially car dealership or repair men try to take advantage of a woman when she comes into contact with them.  Trust me I don’t have time for that!  I will ask you some questions and I will expect some answers.  I’m not that chick; who will be scared of a man who attempt makes me feel like I need to make a decision quickly (desperate).  These same men have my life in there hands, yes.  Because they are working on my car and I would need them to pay close attention to what they are doing and do it to the best of their ability.  Treat my car and the services you provide like you would your mother or wife; if he has one.  Don’t come at me with a cost that was not discussed because at the end of the day it will become a blessing.  I don’t like feeling taken advantage of and being in certain situations but some helps me realize how much communicating is important.  I don’t like to hear how black folks don’t know how to take care of business.  I truly believe we can and we do, but even in that we have to communicate our expectations and make decisions accordingly.  When good service is provided make it known.  I think we do good with sharing bad experiences.

Now, when I’m married, if I say “don’t mess with my man” that will imply don’t do anything to cause him to questions his faith, purpose and time with his family.  Yet, at the end of the day, all three of these areas I see I must totally trust God; yet I truly understand not to try it with a woman.  Look at the picture one more time.  Because women have a lot of influence and you don’t want to get tried by them.  Beyoncé said it best in the movie “Obsession” when she said, “oh, you wanna see crazy”, “you ain’t seen crazy’.

Family Talks
May 21, 2015, 10:00 AM
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family child question

I know there were talks about the role Bill Cosby played in the perception of what Black Dads look like.  I don’t have children, but I’ve been a child, had the opportunity to serve youth at my church and the honor to “babysit” many of my family friends children to know, parents need to pay attention to there children.  When children say something, one must listen and get in their world.  Children are inquisitive, don’t you remember when you were.  I don’t care what age they are, when they ask you a question you need to respond honestly.  Don’t take children for granted, if they asked you a question it’s because they are curious.  And believe me they are curious enough to go ask someone else.  PARENTS this is where your influence on your child comes to play, trust is being build and children and smell honesty and or dishonesty.  Let’s get it right the first time parents/adults.  It there’s nothing wrong with asking for HELP.  What does the word of God says about seeking counsel?  Yet, at the end of the day it is your child and you have the say so in how you will raise them, but remember your child is your seed who will grow up to be what you planted.  You will reap what you sow.

My insight:  I believe that the man/husband of the house acts as God, the woman/wife is the Holy Spirit and the child/ren is Jesus.  So pay attention to what they say and do. The word is like a two-edge sword and may come to correct, so just because you are an adult, don’t act like the child.  When you were a child, you acted like a child, but now that you are grown, put on your grown underwear and Keep It Moving.

Family First
May 14, 2015, 10:00 AM
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Family First

The first family of the United States

I remember growing up and my parents installing in us that “what ever happens in our home, stays in our home”. With the way the world is today, I wonder, if other parents meant keeping love in the house. But we know that it was geared toward the “challenges” or what I will say the “lesson we should learn” encounters.

We are witnessing the First Black Family living in the White House and I’m sure everyone wants to know how they deal with challenges or lessons learned andif it was exposed with technology, it will get around quickly. It’s funny how people are drama driven and I often wonder if it have to do with what’s going on in their own home?

Do you think it’s important to know what’s going on in someone’s home when you have things you need to deal with in your home? Is your neediness faultered. WE all need to be relateable, but I think if you are not looking for solutions, but only ti air someone’s personal life you are not dealing with your own. What are the things we need to know about someone else? People had a lot to say about Michelle’s mother staying in the White House with them. What was the issue? It takes a village to raise a child and when you are in the spot light as they are you surely would want people you can trust around your growing children.

I admire the Obama’s. The fact that I get to witness a black man demonstrate the qualities of leading our nation and a black women from Chicago on his side. They seem like regular people who live a regular everyday life. I am sure it can be challenging to be compared to them. It may make a person feel overwhelmed because maybe they can’t live up to the expectations. Don’t stress yourself, let’s rejoice in being able to know anthying is possible.

I’ve heard that men are not involved with their children; physically, emotionally or spiritually. Well, this family proves that it’s a myth. Men will do what they desire. Michelle is a woman of grace and to see her operate is such elegance and being an example to her children is refreshing. She demonstrates what it look like to be submissive where it can be and doable. I am sure they are raising their children up in the way to go. Am I saying they are perfect, no! We have a real live example that will remain history.

If it wasn’t for HER
May 10, 2015, 6:00 AM
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mother, family, children, love, respect

mother, family, children, love, respect

One of the reality checks we can all make is this.  If it wasn’t for our mother, we wouldn’t be here.  I mean our father’s had something to do with it too, but (well I hope you get my point).  I hope by now you have just blessed the socks off of your mother.  It’s mother’s day.  I can only image some teenagers running around here on this earth trying to have an attitude because they may not have a grand relationship with their mother.  And I sure hope their mother is somewhere praying and remembering what it was like being a teenager.  Some children are going through their hormone stage, so please don’t take it personal.

If you are  teen and you are reading this blog, Please have a sit, so you can truly read this.   Do you know how long your mother carried you in her stomach?  Have she explained to you what birthing you was like?  If you know none of this, go find out how you can get some home-made cookies.  Okay, see if you can pick up a pack at the store with some ice-cream and ask your mom to sit across her bed to tell you this story, while you are eating cookies and ice-cream.

Have you mom shared how when you first started school, how scared she was to leave you with strangers?  Oh and if she’s a single parents, whew.  If you don’t know these stories, ask your mom NOW if there’s anything you can help her with today, while she tell you these stories.

BOTTOM LINE:  Mother’s love unconditionally.  They are not perfect, they don’t get things right all the time, but trust me they try their best.  Keep this in mind.  They would not tell you to jump off a roof.  Whatever advice your mom is giving you, she’s giving it to you to protect you because she cares.  PLEASE LISTEN.

Because it’s Mother’s Day, I would like to take this time to let every mother I know or who come in contact with this reading to know, God used you to bring life into this world.  Don’t take this assignment lightly; yet I trust you are doing your best.  If you don’t have a network of other mom’s please let me know.  I know some awesome mom’s to connect you with, because one thing for sure.  It is not good to do anything alone.  It still takes a village.

Class Starts at Home
May 7, 2015, 10:00 AM
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Parenting, Children, Villiage

Parenting, Children, Villiage

Who would have thought that you would have to take a course or need a support group as a parent.  I’m witnessing that parenting is not an easy task.  I’m learning each day, that not only do adults/parents need to continue their education for various of other responsibilities, but having PARENTING tools is a must.

No one would want to fail at parenting and surely it’s not a subject matter where you can cram.  I’ve heard parents say, “I can’t wait until so and so gets eighteen years old, because they will be on their own”.  Let me tell you something, If you did not train your child up in the way to go, leaving your home will only be an adventure and a returning door.  Parenting have to have the wisdom to know when to teach their child the basics of life so they can become good giving citizens in this world.

I was just in a conversation the other day, where me and another adult was discussing how these young children today don’t realize the responsibility of taking care of an apartment.  They have to get the electricity turned on, water and in some cases other kinds of utilities and they quickly get overwhelmed because they are not prepared to handle such responsibilities.  When the word of God says to train up your child in the way to go, so that he or show won’t depart, what exactly does that mean as a parent to you? When do you think a child or your child is mature enough to leave home?

Even when they leave home, please know you become the counselor.  Your responsibilities are not over as a parent.  You are always in training, so continue to get equipped and staying encouraged by being around other supportive parents.  It surely takes one to know one.