Is This Your Family?
December 22, 2013, 1:24 AM
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Is This Your Family?

Be honest tell the truth…..
I grew up watching the sitcom The Addam’s Family and to this day at times the theme song would play in my head, especially when I run into strange families. Well, let me be honest, when I am dealing with my own. Do you remember this American television series based on characters from a close-knit extended family. There were individuals with a supernatural abilities.

Do you believe that we all have supernatural abilities? If you don’t believe, does that have to do with not having an intentional relationship with Jesus Christ? In my life experience, I have learned that our names have a lot to do with our character. God did say He would make our name great and I believe our names have a major impact on our destiny and character development.

The characters in the television sitcom were Gomez, Mortica, Wednesday, Pugsley and Uncle Fester to name a few. Every time I heard the name Morticia I thought about a morgue. And take notice Wednesday the daughter was in the middle of all their experiences. Well, as my name is Kimberly and it means “strength and honor” from the bible scripture Proverbs 31:25. Once I realized that, I ensured my life demonstrated “strength and honor”. What does your name mean? If you don’t know. I would encourage you to take time to find out and see how it lines up with your current lifestyle.

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Mine actually means Strong as the Wind or Strong in Virtue. I think it has become very prophetic in my life over the years. Thanks for the reminder.

Comment by APreachasKid

Wow, that’s cool. Well here I go brother. Since I’m from Chicago and it’s known for the Windy City, I would say “the wind can be felt but not seen. So, I am going to expect that in your writing. Thank you for responding.

Comment by KIMUNITY

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