I’m Hungry!
December 22, 2013, 8:08 PM
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The family theme song ……

Do mother’s still cook on Sunday’s? I can remember my grandmother preparing on Saturday. Well, do you at least sit down on Sunday to eat dinner together as a family? I believe it is at the dinner table where families really get to know one another. There is this myth: where people believe just because you live together that everyone knows one another. There are significant events that went on during the week that needs to be shared.

Is eating together costing too much? Meaning too much of your time? Are the children assisting? This was one of my joys when visiting grandma. She use to let me stir the cake batter and I get lick the remains in the bowl. At the table, I got to listen to stories by the adults. I will write, children didn’t have a voice when I was younger. There could have been things I could have revealed, if given the opportunity.

We hear a lot, “the things that comes from the mouth of babes”. If only parents can discern the heart of their children and I’m not saying that parents do not, but let me ask this question. How do you feel about eating together as a family and then if you are a parent, allowing your child to engage in the conversation at the dinner table? Are the conversationFamily Eating Lunch Together around the dinner, child proof? People are hungry for the truth and for genuine relationships. Start at home! Singles can do the same by cooking and inviting people over.

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