Keep On Trucking
June 21, 1915, 10:00 AM
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Keep On Truckin, This song reminds me of my dad and it’s sort of where “Keep It Moving” was created.  My dad is one of those dudes, where he believed any one should not allow challenges, circumstances and trials to take us off course.

To all the men that walk in the shoes of being able to give direction, provide influence and being a living example of His strength.  Here is my dad, his name if Melvin “Boss” if you didn’t know.  He has been “that” dad.  I know my story is different from yours, but I am thankful that God has allowed him to be in my life. He is a consistent person. He don’t believe in giving up and he has always installed the need to keep going.

I can remember graduating from high school; he bought me my school class ring, when I thought it wasn’t in his budget.  I don’t know how he did it, but he made sure I not only had what I needed, but what I wanted.  He ensured I was going to be  recognized for my accomplishments.

Growing up, during my child hood and as a teenager, he wasn’t in the home but he was always a phone call away.  I can remember turning eleven years old and he purchased me my first video game, Atari.  This is when I learned about friends hanging out with you all day.  We would play Pac Man, Frogger and Centipede all day long on Saturdays. What ya’ll know about that?  The start of not going outside anymore.

My dad would take us school shopping and if we didn’t know what our sizes were, he would pull us to the side and look at what the tag in our current clothes had and get us a size bigger, etc.  I thought he was so smart for that.  He use to pick us up (my siblings and I) and we would go to different Chicago beaches with his hand grill and he would barbecue hot dogs and tell us stories. He never once apologized for what transpired between him and my mom, but he ensured us that they were doing their best as parents. He wanted his children to be able to know how to make their own decisions as they mature in life.  He wanted us to choose our way and to be wise when doing so.

While I was in college, he visited almost every year during Parent Weekend (Homecoming time) and YES he would barbecue.  I would meet some new friends, during those times.  There is a story I would share, but it may end up in my second book, so I will hold back.  I had a friend to throw me under the bus one time when he came to visit (there’s a story to tell here).  However, he helped me move from one apartment to the next, because of that story.  I was kicked out of an apartment in college and this man right here drove right on up to my school.  I told him the entire story of why I was being kicked out and he didn’t fuss.  He has been there for me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  He’s a wise, cool and very down to earth kind of guy.  He’s no stranger to those he meet.

Only thing tho, he’s not that person you would want to watch a movie with, especially if he seen it already.  He will tell the entire story. He’s a champ tho.  And even as an adult, when I call him, he calls me “baby girl”.  Yet, I’m thankful to God, who have placed other men in my life to present direction, influence and to demonstrate what it means to be a father/man.

There were men like my uncle Steve.  I stayed with him and his wife all through my college years they provided stability for me.  Then there is my BIG cuz, Stanley.  He was there for me when I moved to Atlanta.  He and his wife opened their home to me and there is where I was introduced to the Lord regarding learning how to have a relationship with him.  And here I am today.

Father’s comes in many forms.  I’ve heard people discuss their relationships with their dad and some become bitter.  Father’s can be the man you see everyday, who lives next door to you, or a person you work with.  I got my Bruce, Bruce.  God said “He would supply our every need”.  For He knows exactly what we need and I’m so grateful for the family he allowed me to be apart of. I’m not stuck on the package in which He delivered me in, but what’s on the inside.  My dad represent endurance.  In whatever you choose to do, do it until the end.  Our heavenly Father said it best, What He has started in you shall be completed until the day of Jesus Christ”.

Please don’t overlook what God is doing in your life.  Men are truly needed to the equation of the development of this world and they bring so many characteristics to the evolving of what this world needs.  Strength, courage, and focus!  When you find that in a man/father.  You have some tools to work with, but of course it’s important to know your needs and it will take having a relationship with THE FATHER to identify and relate to what that is.

So, at the end of this, please appreciate the men that God has placed in your life and understand they are in your life for a reason, a season and for a life time.  Be obedient …. check out my book Seasons of Intentional Relationships, praying you will understand the practical purpose of the seeds that we plant in life. to one day blossom.  In the meantime.  Keep On Trucking and I as my dad would say “Peace”.